Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati frequently hosts and sponsors a broad range of events and participates in speaking engagements worldwide. The firm offers specialized seminars, panels and conferences for our clients, the legal community and other influencers to provide perspective on the latest developments and best practices in law and business.

Recent engagements:

Cybersecurity Ethics
February 2018
Santa Clara University
WSGR Of Counsel Beth George joined a panel of experts to discuss “Responding to a Breach” as part of this event focused on what companies should do to respond ethically to data breaches and to the ethical concerns raised by the Internet of Things.

Cybersecurity for Today’s General Counsel
February 2018
New York
WSGR attorneys Lydia Parnes and Beth George discussed recent privacy and security regulatory actions, the FTC’s ongoing privacy initiatives and workshops, the most common causes of data breaches, the roles of GCs and boards of directors in cybersecurity management, and steps that every company should take to protect themselves. The speakers also addressed burning questions about a range of topics, including: the latest FTC settlements; how economics is playing a role in analyzing privacy issues; SQL injections; Bad Rabbit; and whether companies should pay ransomware demands, and why a bug bounty program may not be the best idea.

Computer Privacy and Data Protection Conference
January 2018
Brussels, Belgium
In early 2018, WSGR sponsored the Computer Privacy and Data Protection Conference, an annual three-day conference devoted to privacy and data protection. This year’s conference theme was “The Internet of Bodies” and featured timely discussions of ethical, legal, and policy issues related to how technologies impact the body. Topics ranged from e-privacy, e-evidence, encryption, and cybersecurity to artificial intelligence, blockchain, data protection by design, gendered bodies, biometrics, and more. As part of the conference, WSGR Of Counsel Laura DeBoel moderated a panel on the future of data protection enforcement. Click here to view a video archive of the panel presentation.

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