The Online Safety Bill (OSB or Bill) passed its final reading in the UK’s Parliament in September 2023. The Bill will become law in the coming weeks, ushering in a new era for the regulation of digital services in the UK. Online platforms and search services that fall within the scope of the legislation will be subject to proactive content risk assessment and mitigation duties oriented at protecting users, regardless of where those services are established. The Bill has attracted considerable media attention due to its anticipated impact on the operation of online services in the UK, as well as the potential for it to interfere with freedom of speech.Continue Reading Flagship Online Safety Bill Moves Closer to Enactment in the UK: Who Will Be in Scope and What Will It Require?

In anticipation of its new powers to regulate the largest digital platforms, the EU is planning to open a San Francisco base to engage with these companies, which are based mostly in Silicon Valley and the broader Bay Area. The EU’s plans to open its first representative office on Californian soil reflects the EU’s intent to remain at the forefront of digital regulation initiatives worldwide.
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The EU is close to finalizing the adoption of the Digital Services Act (DSA), which will impose new obligations on digital platforms regarding content moderation, due diligence for illegal content, and advertising transparency. It will entail significant changes to existing EU law in these areas and will impose substantial new compliance burdens on companies in regard to online content.
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The EU Parliament and the EU Council recently adopted their respective versions of the Digital Markets Act (DMA) and Digital Services Act (DSA), which intend to create new antitrust-related (DMA) and regulatory (DSA) rules applicable to digital platforms.1

The adoption of the draft amendments by the EU Parliament and the EU Council constitutes a critical step towards final adoption of these laws. Now, the EU Commission (EC), Parliament, and Council are undergoing negotiations (so-called “trilogues“) to agree on a final version of the laws. The institutions could reach an agreement on the DMA and the DSA within the coming months, but it may take some time before it is enacted.
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